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Provide the best results to our clients
We are a team of specialists who work relentlessly to provide the best results to our clients. We are full of enthusiasm and new ideas. We are young entrepreneurs, who are ambitious and passionate about their work. Each of us is a master in his field and together we form an efficient team.


Our goal is to satisfy the customer by providing the required content, by finding the most effective way to complete the task, by completing the projects correctly and on time. While completing every project we pursue several goals – Quality, Efficiency, Speed and all important Customer Satisfaction. Therefore we always strive to find the necessary balance for our clients between the rate of development, budget and size of the project. Effective website, ease of management, easy to modify, faster, impressive design and code optimization are our professional goals.


The client always gets more than the expected results from us. Client can get the 100% satisfaction along with the ongoing technical support. Project is complimented with the requisite comments. This is done to ease the understanding while keeping in mind the project conditions and further implementation phases.

Assistance in drafting terms of reference – to help you to design any idea in an easy and understandable text. For 100% satisfaction with quality – The project is always submitted only after a full and comprehensive manual and automated testing. Free bonuses always come with each project. Provide practical advice and a plan of action. We provide our clients with permanent technical supports.

Rules We Follow

We work with all clients, from private individuals to corporations, and follow the below mentioned rules : We appreciate your and others’ time. Be easier and more productive (nothing extra) Begin work only after the drafting and approval of the full master plan. This improves our understanding of the project as well as of the client and generally helps to reduce the development time by a considerable amount. We try not to complicate the things unnecessarily. Life is already a complex puzzle, so no need to make it even more complex. We never abandon our customers after the completion of the project. Need additional functionality, new module, new page or just want to talk with us again? We are always at your service!

Our Services

Website, Web hosting, SEO

Our Portfolio

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HL Packages

Say hello to the team that makes it all happen with creative ideas

1 – Basic Package

  • 100% Original Design
  • Up to 8 pages of SEO ready pages to the latest standards.
  • One custom form (contacts us, quote, etc…) on the page sent to you.
  • One hour of additional updates and tech support after site is completed.
  • Assistance with domain set up, hosting set up, and email set up included.
    (Everything you need to get your site online from start to finish).

2 – Bronze Package

  • 100% Original Design
  • Up to 15 pages of SEO ready pages to the latest standards.
  • Two custom forms (contact us, quote, etc…) on the page sent to you.
  • Two hours of additional updates and tech support after site is completed.
  • Assistance with domain set up, hosting set up, and email set up included. (Everything you need to get your site online from start to finish)
  • Photo gallery, slideshow, or light box gallery included

3 – Business Package

  • 3 eye-catching custom built home & inside page website concepts based on creative brief
  • JavaScript image slides for home page main graphic or JavaScript news scroll.
  • Customer provided header images for main pages
  • Design options shown in 5 working days • Up to 4 revisions of selected design
  • Responsive design that adjust the size to fit desktop, laptop, tablets or smart phone
  • Free Business hosting (1 year)
  • Customer provided content insertion & CSS formatting for up to 5 pages. 2 photos/page
  • CMS admin area used to update and manage the website, and products Training up to 2 hours

4 – Merchant Package

  • Content management system allows immediate modification of a website content
  • Intuitive operation of the CMS
  • Content management system supports implementation of any web page design
  • Content management system includes advanced configurations for SEO – search engine optimization
  • Content management system automatically generates XHTML valid websites according to the W3C standards
  • Access to CMS using any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, …)
  • Ability to interconnect content management system (CMS) with other software systems
  • High measure of CMS security – unique multi-level data and access protection (belongs to the most secure in the world)
  • SEF URLs – Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Ability to manage and modify search engine friendly URL addresses for categories, products, articles, …
  • Creating and managing content through content management system
  • Automatic archiving of expired content
  • “PDF format” (export to PDF) and “Print web page” feature
  • “Send web page to your friend” feature
  • “Article reviews” feature
  • Ability to enter Meta keywords and description for each article (for every subpage)
  • System controls accuracy and relevancy of the content
  • Modification in the textual content.
  • Subtraction of textual content from time to time.
  • Uploading and maintaining Image Galleries
  • Keep Homepage updated.
  • Dynamic News Ticker.
  • Automatic update Navigation bar.
  • User management

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